Giving Your Pet Pill Medication

It’s safe to say that at one point or another, you’ll probably have to give your cat or dog a pill. This, of course, can often be easier said than done! Here, your vet clinic Lafayette, LA tells you how to administer a pill to your four-legged companion.

Hide in Food

Assuming your pet’s medication is safe to be taken with food—ask your vet if you’re unsure!—it’s often easiest to hide the pill inside your pet’s normal food. Press it into the center of a glob of wet food, or roll it up into a slice of lean deli meat. With luck, your pet will swallow the tasty morsel without even realizing what’s inside!

Crush or Grind

Some pills can be crushed or ground up, then sprinkled over or stirred into food. Always ask your vet before doing this, though—medication may be rendered ineffective if ground or you may be introducing the medicine to your pet’s system too quickly.

Ask the Vet

If you still can’t get your pet to swallow their pill, consult your pet clinic Lafayette, LA for help. He or she can give advice on manually administrating the pill, or give your pet the pill for you.