Adopting Older Pets

Are you considering adopting a pet in the near future? An older animal may be just the right choice for you! Below, a vet in Colorado Springs, CO tells you about just a few of the advantages of adopting older pets:

Manners and Training

Many senior pets have already lived with human families before, meaning they are likely well-trained and have good manners. You don’t have to worry about the potty-training stage, learning to walk on a leash, etc.

Lower Energy Level

If you’re not looking forward to keeping up with a high-energy puppy or kitten all hours of the day, a senior pet is a great choice for you. These animals are more content to relax for most of the day, and they’ll just need light exercise a few times a day to stay healthy and happy.

Saving a Life

Of course, senior pets need loving homes just as much as puppies or kittens. By adopting an older pet in need, you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re saving a life. What’s not to love?

Would you like further advice on pet adoption? Does your new companion need a veterinary examination? Contact your Vet Colorado Springs, CO today.