Why Your Cat Isn’t Using Her Litter Box

It’s not uncommon for our feline friends to shun their bathrooms. In fact, about one in every 10 cats will develop an aversion of some sort at one point or another! Here, your Rochester, NY vet tells you about the most common reasons that cats refuse to use the litter box:

Box Placement

Who wants to do their business in a crowded, noisy area? Not your cat, that’s for sure! Place your kitty’s bathroom in a quiet area that doesn’t see a lot of human or pet traffic. This way, your cat can use the restroom in peace and quiet.

Box Cleanliness

Scoop out your cat’s box regularly—our feline friends can be picky about their bathroom’s cleanliness. Also be sure to change out the litter entirely once a week in order to keep things sanitary and keep smells to a minimum.

Litter Preference

Different cats like different litter, and you may have to experiment a bit with different grain coarseness, scent, and base material of litters to find something that your cat prefers. Ask your vet for a recommendation on a great litter type.

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