Getting Rid of Litter Box Odors

Has your cat’s bathroom been smelling up the place recently? Here, your Wake Forest, NC vet gives you a few tips on keeping litter box odors to a minimum.

Regular Cleaning

There’s just no substitute for cleaning out your cat’s litter box regularly. Scoop out waste daily, disposing of it in a proper receptacle, and change the litter entirely once a week. This will keep odors to a minimum, and your cat will thank you!

Litter Deodorizers

There are various litter deodorizer products out there on the market today. These may help absorb unpleasant odors and keep your cat’s bathroom area smelling fresh. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a good product for your needs.

Covered Box

Is your cat’s litter box covered? If it’s open, this is not doing anything to help keep odors to a minimum. Try crafting your own cover, or purchase a covered litter box from a pet store or retail outlet. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this makes to contain unpleasant smells!

Do you have further questions about your cat’s bathroom requirements? Does your feline friend need veterinary care? Set up an appointment at your animal hospital Wake Forest, NC. We’re here to help!