Tricking Your Dog Into Taking His Pill

It’s easier said than done to get a dog to take his pill. Try tricking your dog into swallowing his medication! Your Myrtle Beach veterinarian elaborates below.

Hide in Food

It’s often easiest to hide your dog’s pill in food. Push the pill into the center of glob of wet dog food, or into the center of a dog treat or roll of low-fat deli meat. Most likely, your pooch will happily gobble up the morsel without realizing medication was inside!

Crush or Grind

In some cases, you can crush or grind a pill, then sprinkle it over food. Ask your veterinarian before doing this, though—sometimes, crushing a pill renders it ineffective. Even worse, it may introduce an overdose of medication to your dog’s system.

The Tossing Trick

Does your canine companion enjoy catching treats in mid-air? This can work to your advantage! Toss your dog a few treats, then his medication, then another treat to finish it off. If you’re lucky, your dog won’t even realize that one of his “treats” was actually medication!

Do you still need help administering your dog’s medications? Contact your veterinarian Myrtle Beach, SC for all of your dog’s health and wellness needs.