Water Safety Tips for Dogs

It sure is a lot of fun to take your pooch swimming. It’s essential that you keep his or her safety in mind, though! Here, your Indianapolis, IN veterinarian gives you a few water-safety tips.

Can Your Dog Swim?

Remember: not all dogs are strong swimmers. Some can’t swim at all! Don’t force your canine companion to go swimming if they don’t want to. Some dogs simply have no interest in getting in the water.

Provide Support

It’s important to always accompany your pooch into the pool or ocean to provide support. Even dogs who are experienced swimmers can be caught off guard by currents and tides. Some dogs benefit from floatation devices wrapped around the legs or torso; ask your vet to recommend such a product.

Rinse Out the Coat

Once you’re done in the pool or ocean, be sure to rinse out Fido’s coat with fresh water from the garden hose or the bathtub. Leaving salt water, sand, or chlorine in the coat will only irritate and dry out the skin, leading to problems over time.

Would you like even more great tips for keeping your dog safe while swimming? Call your animal hospital Indianapolis, IN for help.