Keeping Cats Entertained When You’re Not Home

Cats, like other pets, need something to occupy their time when you’re not around. Here, your San Jose, CA veterinarian gives you a few suggestions on great ways to keep your feline friend entertained while you’re gone.


There’s no substitute for good old-fashioned cat toys. Just about any cat enjoys swatting around a plush toy that mimics a prey animal, like a mouse or bird. Try sprinkling a bit of dried catnip on your feline friend’s toys; many cats will respond positively.

Cat Towers

Cat towers are great for allowing your cat to entertain herself; many come with toys built-in, and they often have scratching posts included as well. Plus, cat towers offer your cat a high vantage point from which to survey her territory. Head to a local pet supply store or retail outlet to pick one up for your cat.


Some cats enjoy watching DVDs of mice, birds, or other fun critters scurry around; they may spend hours staring at the TV screen, completely mesmerized. It’s a great way to keep your feline friend occupied when you’re not around!

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